Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

Yes, children who attend Koala Playschool MUST be fully toilet trained. While we understand that accidents happen changing nappies/pullups takes staff away from supervision of children. Please ensure you pack labelled spare clothes including socks and undies in case of accidents.

Will I be charged for public holidays?

No, we do not charge for public holidays.

What food/snacks do I need to pack for my child?

Morning tea and lunch is required to be packed in separate containers.
Koala Playschool encourages healthy eating and we also ask that parents avoid sending pre-packaged foods. A drink bottle with water ONLY is to be sent with your child. Please ensure your child’s name is clearly marked on each item.

How old does my child have to be to attend?

Children must turn 3 prior to 30 April in their year of attendance. If your child turns 3 between the start of term 1 and 30 April they must be accompanied by a parent/carer until their 3rd birthday.

When will I find out if my child will be offered placement?

The bulk enrolment process is done from July – September in the year prior to your child’s attendance. Our Office Manager will send out an email in July to all families on the waiting list asking for them to confirm their interest. Formal offers of enrolment will be sent out during August with the hope of having all placements finalised prior to September.

Can my child attend more than one day per week?

Yes, we run 2 sessions per week.

  • a 3-day session – Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
  • a 2-day session – Thursday/Friday

How much are the fees?

Please visit our Enrolment Information page for the most up to date information.

Does my child need to be immunised?

In accordance with ACT Public Health Regulations, Koala Playschool does not exclude any child on the basis of his or her immunisation status. However, also in accordance with ACT Public Health Regulations, we require a copy of each child’s original immunisation records, these are available from the Medicare website. If your child acquires a communicable disease, you are required to notify the director/teacher immediately, so that all measures can be taken to prevent the spread of the disease.

My child still has a nap during the day, can they sleep whilst at Koalas?

No. We do not facilitate sleep during our sessions. It is common for young children or those starting care for the first time to require a sleep early in the year. In these instances parents/carers are welcome to pick up their child early. We will also contact you if your child needs to be picked up.

Can I stay with my child?

You are welcome to stay with your child until they are settled. If they are unsettled, it is often easier if the parent leaves. The teacher will advise the best action in each circumstance.
You are always welcome to be the roster parent and to assist the teachers for the morning or afternoon.

Will my child learn to read?

No. We do not specifically teach children to read. However, all activities will lead towards developing numeracy and literacy skills in future years.

What does a typical day at Koala Playschool look like?

Koala Playschool offers a structured play based educational program, run by a trained teacher, which focuses on the needs of the children. Our daily routine provides a sense of security and predictability for the children but remains flexible to cater for unexpected learning opportunities, special interests of the children or to accommodate the weather. Our routine also allows for children’s active physical play and quiet activities.

The location of play during our sessions is very much dependent on the season or the weather of the day but our overall routine is as follows.

9.30 Drop off Play (outside/inside)
9.45 Bell/Group time (stories/games)
Play (outside/inside)
Group time (toilet and hand washing)
11.00 Morning Tea
Play (outside/inside)
Group time (toilet and hand washing)
1.00 Lunch
Play (outside/inside)
2.10 Pack up and Goodbyes
2.30 Pick up

Each week age appropriate and challenging activities and equipment are provided to develop gross motor skills such as running, skipping, kicking balls and balancing. Children are also encouraged to develop their own games and form friendships. Imaginative play is also promoted along with dance and music.

Can I claim assistance under the Childcare Subsidy Scheme (previously the Childcare benefit or rebate)?

No, the government did not include any ACT Playschools that operate less than 48 weeks per year in the scheme.

How is Koala Playschool different to childcare centres and family day cares?

Koala Playschool provides a service that is different to childcare centres and family day cares.

  • our program is directed at 3 to 4 year olds only
  • we are very community focused
  • we have a fully qualified Teacher in the classroom at all times
  • our facility is purpose built, for example, children’s toilets, gated kitchen
  • there is only one classroom and one playground
  • we will never have more than 22 children each day

As with these other organisations we are also regulated, licenced and insured.

Does Koala Playschool operate for the entire year like day care?

No. Term dates are in line with ACT government schools. We do not operate during school holidays. Please refer to the ACT Department of Education and Training website to confirm the current years dates and public holidays.

What is Parent Roster Duty?

Conditional upon the acceptance of a place at Koala Playschool you are required to participate in Parent Roster Duty.

Parent Roster Duty is where parents or carers of children help out during session time. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to see their children interact with other adults and children. It is also needed to keep our adult to child ratio within the recommended limits.

There are two shifts:

  • morning (9:15am – 12:30pm)
  • afternoon (11:30am – 2:45pm)

The shift overlap allows our staff a lunch break.

You will be expected to perform a certain number of shifts  per term depending how how many days your child attends, they are:

  • For children enrolled on the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday session,  parents/carers are expected to complete 3 half day shifts per child per term
  • For children enrolled on the Thursday/Friday session, parents/carers are expected to complete 2 half day shifts per child per term

How can I become more involved?

We encourage and welcome any and all involvement from families. There are many ways parents and carers can join in the fun, by:

  • Sharing knowledge and expertise of craft, cooking, gardening, music, storytelling, etc.
  • Participating in meetings
  • Becoming part of the Parent Committee
  • Working bees
  • Being a classroom volunteer
  • Helping in an administrative capacity
  • Fundraising

Who owns Koala Playschool?

You do, Koala Playschool is a not for profit incorporated association which is run by a Parent Committee, Director/Teacher, Assistant Teacher and Office Manager.

We do not receive any government funding. Our financials are public and any profits go straight back into the school.

What is the Parent Committee?

The Parent Committee is be made up of five office bearers and three general members. They are the:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Secretary
  • Plus 3 General Committee Positions

The committee is responsible for the management and operation of the school and also to support the educational program delivered by the Director/Teacher.

The five office bearer positions do attract a percentage off the yearly fees depending on the role.

Should you wish to join the parent committee when your child is in attendance at Koalas, our new committee is elected at our Annual General Meeting in February/March each year.