Our Program

The Koala Playschool learning program is diverse and dynamic, ever changing and reflective of the children’s developmental needs and interests. Our rich, play-based program develops the ‘whole’ child by providing opportunities for social emotional development, physical play, communication, creativity and imagination.

Each Koala Playschool session follows a set routine, providing a sense of security and predictability for the children.

There is opportunity to play both inside and outside each day.

Our inside sessions allow for engagement in a broad range of play investigations including, but not limited to dramatic play, storytelling, fine motor activities, block play, arts and crafts, box construction, playdough, discovery table, games, literacy and numeracy activities.

Our outside sessions include lots of lovely adventures in our beautiful garden. There is the opportunity for children to select from a variety of gross motor activities including the obstacle course, swings, tunnel and ball play. Outside play also includes, but is not limited to sandpit play, dramatic play, music and dancing, gardening, arts and crafts, water play, scientific explorations and lots of running, skipping, climbing and exploring!

In addition to our play times there are many intentional teaching times and group sessions that include opportunities for songs, storytelling, music and movement, group games and science investigations. Children are encouraged to speak in front of the group in our Sharing Times including the Mystery Box and our take home pet Koala Lou.

Our timetable is as follows. It is dynamic and flexible and changes as the children play, discover and learn.


Koala Playschool Daily Program

9:30am Good Morning, Reading & Puzzles, Outside Play with Families and Teachers

Morning Meeting

(Group Time, Songs, Stories, Tune into Play & Investigations)

9:50am Inside Play & Investigations
10:50am Pack Up

Intentional Teaching

Music & Movement/Games/Stories

11:15am Transition to Morning Tea

Bathroom Routine

11:20am Morning Tea Time
11:40am Outside Play & Investigations
12:50pm Pack Away

Intentional Teaching

Nursery Rhyme Time/Story Time

1:15pm Transition to Lunch

Bathroom Routine

1:20pm Lunch Time
1:40pm Outside Free Play
1:55pm Quiet Puzzles and Stories
2:05pm Rest Time/Relaxation Music/Story Massage

Sharing Time

Mystery Box/Class Pet

2:30pm Goodbye and Home Time