Welcome to Koala Playschool

Koala Playschool provides the perfect place for your three year old to learn through play.

Koala Playschool is a play-based educational program that meets the developmental needs and interests of three and four year olds. Play is crucial to the development of young children. Through play children explore, discover and learn about themselves, each other and the world around them. Through play, children’s natural curiosity and wonder are stimulated. Play celebrates children where they are, whilst also providing opportunities for them to grow.

Koala Playschool is the ideal setting to provide opportunities for your child to gain independence and develop social skills is a safe, supportive and stimulating environment. With the focus on warm reciprocal relationships, children are given the opportunity play and learn in a rich, vibrant learning community. Our learning spaces are welcoming and well-resourced with a bright airy classroom and a beautiful natural garden.

Koala Playschool provides both a two day and three day learning program that run from 9:30 – 2:30. Both sessions are run by qualified Early Childhood Teachers with a wealth of experience across public, private and community education sectors.

The play-based programs provide for a balance of learning investigations and intentional teaching times. Our investigations include dramatic play, block play, storytelling, art and craft, literacy, numeracy and science explorations, gross motor activities, fine motor activities, games and construction. Our intentional teaching times are rich in songs, music, nursery rhymes, storytelling and games. The program is an exemplar of developmentally appropriate practise and provides opportunities for children to be agents of their own learning. Through attending Koala Playschool you are giving your child a head start on their education and developing their ability to participate fully in their preschool and schooling years.

Koala Playschool is a community run organisation. We recognise that young children grow best when connected to community – valued parents, friends, educators and family that together provide a safe framework within which children can grow and shine.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to the Koala Playschool family.